The Bright Solution – design and materials to transform space into function

CSA places high importance on including both functional and design elements in the construction of kitchens and cabinets for homes, hotels and public spaces.

From beautiful counter surfaces and easily accessible storage areas, to attractive hardware, CSA turns to the fashionable styling of European designers, who incorporate the latest materials, techniques and designs.

Carpentry is raised to a new level, in cooperation with CSA's consultants, who are expert in assisting clients to purposefully design the busiest room in the house or building – whether by optimizing kitchen storage space or planning an environmentally-friendly cooking and dining area.


The Bright Solution – Handsome Wardrobes for Storage and Decor

CSA offers built-in wardrobes and storage closets in standard and custom sizes and designs, as well as the latest space-saving configurations and hardware.

Tailored to the needs of hotels, as well as commercial and residential customer's needs, well-planned cabinetry adds to the order, function and overall aesthetics of any room.