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Sunday, 29 December 2013 13:08


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CSA Africa: Quality Products, Versatile Services, Uncompromised Integrity

CSA Africa is a leading supplier of high-quality finishing materials for residential, public, commercial, industrial and hotel construction projects.

The company is a well-respected provider of project development solutions, as well as Nigeria's foremost supplier of Cold Storage solutions.

Offering these products and services through three business units: CSA Building Materials, CSA Solutions and Agric Services, the company's market extends beyond Nigeria to projects throughout the African continent.

Established 30 years ago as Agric Services, the business emerged as the leading supplier of Cold Storage solutions in Nigeria.

This activity expanded to include a significant business in Thermal and Roof Insulation – fields in which the company remains the country's number-one supplier.

Headquartered in Lagos, CSA Africa serves its broad customer base in cooperation with its branch offices in Abuja and Port Harcourt.


CSA Africa is an Israeli-Nigerian joint venture, led by a multi-national management team with vast international business experience.

The company is enriched by its team of highly-skilled staff, both locally and globally, among which are seasoned architects, engineers and technicians.