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CSA Africa Bright Solutions

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CSA Africa is a leading supplier of high-quality finishing materials for residential, public, commercial, industrial and hotel construction projects. The company is a well-respected provider of project development solutions, as well as Nigeria's foremost supplier of Cold Storage solutions.

The company offers these products and services through three business units: CSA Building MaterialsCSA Solutions and Cold Store Division.

CSA continues in the footsteps of historic Agric Services, which was established 37 years ago and emerged as the leading supplier of Cold Storage solutions in Nigeria. 

Headquartered in Lagos, CSA Africa serves its broad customer base through its Lekki and Abuja branch offices.


CSA Africa has recently expanded its activities significantly, offering high-quality indoor and outdoor finishing materials for construction projects, as well as diverse solutions in fields such as Acoustics, Danpalon Light Architecture, Hotel Interiors, etc. 


CSA Africa is led by a multi-national management team with vast international business experience.

The company is enriched by its team of highly-skilled staff, both locally and globally, among which are seasoned architects, engineers and technicians.


The growth and broad market acceptance of CSA Africa are a testament to the company's commitment to quality and integrity – values that result in long-standing business relationships.


products & services


Light architecture solutions for the building envelope, using lightweight, durable and corrosive resistant materials, contribute to ease of installation and long service life. With a rich non-industrial visual appearance, Danpalon® offers exceptional use of daylight, heat transfer reduction and UV protection.

CSA places high importance on including both functional and design elements in the construction of kitchensbuilt-in wardrobes and storage closets for homes, hotels and public spaces.

High-quality acoustic ceilings with optimal sound absorption and attractive design. Projects include churches, government buildings, office complexes and other commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

CSA supplies prominent security and interior door brands from world leading manufacturers that contribute to a project's overall design statement.

CSA offers an impressive selection of handrail systems for use in commercial and public buildings, as well as private homes, constructed from modular and polished stainless steel.

With the growing importance of green construction and the need for reducing energy costs, thermal insulation is becoming increasingly popular for cold/hot environment insulation

CSA offers exterior and interior acoustic and design solutions, such as noise barrier panel roofs and movable partitions. Both solutions offer effective anti-noise protection as well as thermal comfort.

When planning a house of worship, an auditorium or a theater, the choices you make about acoustics and audio-visual solutions will greatly affect the success of the events that take place in it. CSA Africa’s expert planners, designers and installation professionals offer practical solutions based on their global experience.

Keeping pace with the rapid growth in Nigeria, CSA has expanded the types and models of indoor and outdoor finishing materials it offers for construction projects, to include state-of-the-art LeakProof™ plumbing systems as well as other solutions.

Products & services
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Administrative Office:

1, Ashanti Close, Apapa, Lagos  

Tel: 0811-393 4407 / 0803-307 8686 

Lagos Office:

Plot 15, Block 113,

Lekki Expressway, Lekki Phase 1  

Tel: 0811-393 4405/ 0816-612-4211

Abuja Office:

28 Mediterranean Street,

Imani Estate, Maitama  

Tel: 0909-988 6050 / 0811-393 4471

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