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Noise Barrier Panel Roof

The bright solution that integrates multiple components into one multi-layered steel panel


Noise Barrier Panel Roof uses a most advanced coating technology of noise blocking steel sheets manufacturing process which integrates different components into one compact multi-layered material.

Acoustic Comfort
Any normal metal roofing, subject to rain beating, causes serious noise problems inside the building. Our multilayer anti drumming roofing sheet is outstanding in having thick and effective anti-noise protection layers.
This protective roofing system absorbs precipitation impact on metal roofs and prevents its vibration which is the origin of strong noise. Roofing is therefore, aphonic.
The multilayer system has an average sound damping of 28 dB. This reduces the annoying rain drumming noise of some 70 Db down to the comfort zone of about 40 dB.


Thermal Comfort
The reflecting power of our natural aluminum upper finishing with the thermal properties of the thick protective layers, highly limits the overheating of cladding under sun radiations.

Noise Barrier Panel Roof

Movable Acoustic Partitions

The Bright Solution – for creating your desired space with maximum flexibility


Movable and foldable acoustic partitions provide flexible space-saving solutions for hotels, convention centers, schools, shopping centers and auditoriums.

Our E-NOVIS partition is a durable movable wall that is extremely easy to operate: 

  • No need for floor guidance mechanisms.

  • The best solution for dividing a room with excellent sound insulation.

  • Swift division of large spaces into small units.

  • E-NOVIS partitions provide stability, economic efficiency as well as perfect insulation.

  • The spindle mechanism and acoustic pressure sleeves secure the panels firmly between the floor and the track. Our door parking possibilities are virtually unlimited.

  • Our transparent glass movable walls option, equally provides aesthetic and acoustic solutions, with high standard sound insulation.

Movable Acoustic Partitions
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