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Security Doors in Nigeria

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Beautifully-designed security doors create a positive first impression at the entrance to any public or private building, so appearance and quality are both essential. Hence the growing presence of CSA's decorative security doors line.

CSA supplies prominent multi-lock security door brands from world leading manufacturers that contribute to a project's overall design statement. Attention is paid to materials, design, weather-resistance, and hardware, ensuring both durability and security. We have a large collection of Isreali Security doors and much more.

Security Doors

Isreali Security Doors

CSA Africa offers you the best in Isreali Security doors. As the major dealer in the market, you will find a wide range of original Isreali Security doors in different sizes and at a great price. 

The price of our security door depends on the type, design, and size of the security door that you want and including other features that you might want. 

Why Security Doors are Important for the House

We know how important security is when building a house. That is why we offer you a wide range of selections of different types of security doors that are well designed to fit and match your needs. When buying a security door, it is important to consider the material, design, and durability amongst other factors.


The type of material used will determine the strength of the security door. It is therefore important to consider where you want to use the door before making a choice.

Not only type, when choosing a security door like bulletproof security doors, turkey security doors and much more, you also have to consider the design.


The design will also determine the price as the price of the security door will be determined by the technology the manufacturer used, the type of material the security door is composed of and the design.

At CSA Africa, we know you want the best type of security door which will give you peace of mind. As a result, we pride ourselves as the leading supplier of the best quality of security doors from the world's best manufacturer.

Isreali Security Doors

Interior Doors

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American Stanley interior steel door is manufactured by Masonite, an international, global leader brand.


The door is fire-rated and meets international standards for use in residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

American Stanley web.jpg
Interior Doors
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