Landscape Pebbles & Pots

The Bright Solution for integrating natural materials into landscaping and building projects


Choose from CSA’s wide selection of granite, pebbles and stones of varying sizes, shapes and colors. Our advisors will help you choose the best options for pathways, patios, landscaping designs, curbs and more.
For the final touch, enhance your stone-landscaping solutions with lightweight, faux-stone planting pots designed in Europe. Made of weather-resistant materials, these pots have the solid presence of stone, but are light, easy-to-move and very elegant. 


Home & Hotel Plumbing Solutions

The Bright Solution for leak-free water infrastructure


At last, Nigeria is experiencing a revolution in home and hotel plumbing! CSA Africa now offers LeakProof™ pipes, fittings and plumbing accessories featuring the ideal multi-layer piping system. LeakProof™ state-of-the-art push fittings resist water pressure surges and major changes in temperature that often cause standard infrastructure to leak and burst.
The virtues of the LeakProof™ lightweight, highly-durable solution include: corrosion and scale-resistant, affordable to use and simple to install and maintain. Meeting international standards for safety and quality, LeakProof™ plumbing solutions are worth the investment, ensuring decades of peace of mind and cost savings: no more bathroom and kitchen doors breaking.


Steel Structures

The Bright Solution – because quality and integrity are the backbone of each project


CSA Africa supplies heavy steel structures for convention centers, cultural centers and other public buildings, bridges and other major construction projects. Teaming with industry experts to answer your needs, CSA provides comprehensive solutions incorporating design, production, maintenance and customer service.


CSA commissions complex steel structures, steel beams, piping systems and other custom solutions in keeping with international and local quality assurance certifications, including ISO 9001-2000.