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Updated: May 11, 2019

Looking for beautiful kitchen cabinets in Nigeria?

What beautiful cabinet designs are good for a small kitchen?

A beautifully set kitchen is always an inspiration for cooking and eating as a family.

The kitchen, really, is one place in the home that brings everybody together. This is why it is important for the kitchen to be arranged properly and decorated aesthetically.

Psychologically, one would cook better and enjoy meals better in a well-arranged kitchen compared to a cluttered one.

However, it is a struggle when it comes to a small kitchen. There are just so many things that go into a kitchen and keeping a small space clutter-free can be daunting.

Arranging the cabinets, especially have a long way in determining how the kitchen would look. Cabinets form a large part of the kitchen and the truth is that the way cabinets in a large kitchen will be arranged are totally different from that of a small kitchen, even though you want to achieve the same beautiful and well-arranged effect.

While it might be a struggle, the good news is that it is not impossible. There are cabinet design ideas that when employed in a small kitchen, it would help you have the kitchen that you deserve, a well-arranged and beautiful kitchen.

1. Open Cabinet: For easy access to finding things, especially those you use often, you should consider going for open cabinets on one side of the kitchen. The one space above the cooking areas, where the cooker and oven are kept would be a good option, so you easily reach ingredients and maybe spatula and cooking spoon while eating. This is also good for a small kitchen because it prevents the kitchen from being too cluttered and gives it more room.

2. Corner Cabinet: Corner cabinet is also a great design idea to employ for your small kitchen. The fact that it is a small kitchen and you want to make sure to maximise space should make you consider us including corner cabinet as it can help you achieve that easily. The corner cabinet will be especially good to store things like glass cups and dishes you mostly use for special occasions. But if it is close to your cooking area, you can keep items you use often when cooking as well.

3. Kitchen Island Cabinet: If you have a really small kitchen and you can do without having Kitchen Island and instead prepare your meals on the top of the cabinet attached to the wall, that could work. But if you must have a Kitchen Island because they do indeed give off an appealing look and can also be very convenient when preparing meals, then you should maximise space by having a Kitchen Island with a cabinet underneath. The underneath cabinet will make it possible for you to have space without cluttering your kitchen up with islands.

4. Install Cabinets On One Side: Keeping all cabinets on one side of the room and keeping the other side free is a good small kitchen design idea you should consider. If you install cabinets on only one side of the room and keep your refrigerator on the other side, it will make your space look more open and airy and not look cluttered.

5. Install Cabinet at the Bottom and Shelves at the Top: For a small kitchen, this is a good idea, especially if it is put on one side of the kitchen. You can install the cabinets to store pots and other items that are not so frequently used and keep certain ingredients on the shelves as well as wine glasses, cups, dishes and cutlery. If well arranged, it will give you kitchen space and it is always a classy look.

6. Don’t Connect the Cabinet to the Ceiling: Instead of directly connecting the cabinet to the ceiling of the kitchen, create a space above it so you can have space to arrange other things. This will serve two purposes; it will help you make your kitchen feel less boxed in and it will also give you space to for all the extra items you might not have cabinet space for.

7. Shallow Cabinet: Shallow cabinets always help with space. If you want to go with this idea especially, you can install the cabinets round a free space where you can install a refrigerator to really maximise space. The cabinet design idea will really help with a small kitchen.

8. Utility Cabinet: Utility cabinets are very important for taller items like brooms. It will keep all these from lurking around in your kitchen and making it messy. The good thing about utility cabinets is that they are usually towards the side and narrow, so they won’t take space. You can also hang organizers for utensils on it.

9. Over the Refrigerator Cabinet: Installing a cabinet over the refrigerator is not only decorative but also helps with space. Installing a glass door cabinet will be a good idea with decorative items that you do not use frequently.

10. Pull-Out Pantry: Pull-Out Pantry doesn’t take much space and it can accommodate a lot of kitchen items, especially ingredients and utensils. It comes in 3 or more rows, depending on how much space you need. It is also very decorative for aesthetic sake.

Designing and decorating your small kitchen is not a complete impossibility. It takes creatively working around it and you will achieve your spacious and well-decorated kitchen.

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