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4 Different Types of Security Doors Everyone Should Know

Updated: May 11, 2019

Security doors are ways to secure or protect doors from being breached or tampered with to prevent robbery, bulgary or any kind of invasion or unauthorized entry.

In this day and age when crime is generally on the increase, it has become necessary to protect ourselves.

Yes, the police and other law enforcement agents have a role to play but the crimes are becoming increasingly too much for only them to handle.

Security doors are even more important in situations where there is a likelihood for invasion such as commercial or industrial buildings, buildings that house sensitive materials and even some residential buildings.

It is not even far fetched from residential buildings to have a form of security these days.

That is why it is important to have an idea of the different types of security doors, so as to know the one to go for if need be.

Steel or Metal doors:

Steel or Metal doors are so great because even their sight discourage or keep invaders away. Imagine having doors that invaders would not even want to try breaking into in the first place.

The material the door is made of gives a keep-off impression because it communicates difficulty to access to invaders.

They may look old-fashioned but for commercial or industrial buildings especially, steel or metal doors would really come in handy. But it is important to use them for all the doors in the building as well as accompany them with heavy and high-quality locks and you can be assured to safety.

Electronic Security Doors:

Technology is now the order of the day and a lot more people have embraced what technology has to offer. If you do not want to deal with manual locks, then you can get an electronic security door.

The great thing about this option is that it does not just offer security, but aesthetic value as well, they usually look good on a building and that is why many people go for this option. Instead of a lock, the door has either a keypad installed on it or a remote control to control it.

The only ones who would be able to open the door are those with the pin code. If anybody tries to forcefully enter, it will blow an alarm and sometimes, the alarm is attached to the nearest police station and that would also add police protection to it. The only warning is to guard the pin code heavily.

Card Reader:

This is similar to the above because it is also an electronic door, only in this case, instead of a keypad or remote control, you use a card reader to open the door. The type of doors are mostly found in hotels. The card is given to authorised persons who use it to access the door.

There are different ways to work it but the standard thing is that the card is swiped or held near a card reader. Once the card is recognised, the door opens and you can have access. The card of course have to be protected in order to assure security.

Roll-Up Doors:

They are usually made of metal and very good for warehouses or storage units. The door is rolled up to open and rolled down to close, then secured with heavy locks. Once locked, there is no access into the building and the metals prevent breaking in. The door could be operated manually or with a motor.

There you have it. The different types of security doors? Ready to purchase a security door, check out our range of Israeli security doors in Nigeria

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