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The Untold Importance of Handrails

Most houses have staircases now because in our century, storied buildings and sky scrapers are the order of the day.

In fact, even bungalows have a low staircase of some sort leading to the entrance of the house.

As aesthetically pleasing as staircases are or can be, they can also be dangerous as many accidents in the home have occurred with the staircases.

This is why handrails are a necessary part of the staircase. Handrails are rails built at the side of a staircase or ramp that can be held and they are very important.

Handrails have been built, over the years, with different designs that is pleasing to the eyes but there function surpasses adding beauty, they are a necessary component to stairs, ramps, porches, to mention but a few.

Here are some reasons why handrails are important.

#1: Handrails make the staircase safer:

As mentioned earlier, one of the leading accidents in the home - apart from the kitchen - occurs with the stairs. Without the handrails, ascending and descending the stairs will be potential death traps. But with the handrails to hold onto, there is assurance of safety on the stairs.

#2: It provides stability and balance:

Going up and down stairs, especially when it is very high can be a disaster without the handrails to hold when one loses balance. At that high altitude, it is even more easy to lose balance because one is not on the balanced ground any longer. Apart from that, it helps children and senior citizens who are not so balanced to have stability on the stairs or even ramps.

They provide comfort when ascending and descending the stairs but even more so, when ascending. This is because naturally, humans would want to have something to hold on to when climbing something high. It gives us a subconscious feeling of safety and so makes us comfortable.

In extreme weather like windy weather or storm, the rail can prevent the wind from carrying items from the porch or ramp. Some items that you could place on your porch may be light (even some furniture's are light), the rail can serve as an obstacle to keep the items from being flown away by the wind.

They can help you when you are carrying items or heavy loads up and down the stairs. Imagine if someone was carrying heavy load and had to go up or down a staircase without handrails, not only would the person feel discomfort, the stairs is not safe for the person because the person could very well fall off the stairs.

And yes, handrails are important because they beautify the stairs or pitch as well. A lot of go without different creative design of their designs to create an aesthetic view. A bare porch or stair would be very unattractive to behold but one with handrails adds elegance to th building.

This are the reasons why it is important that you include it to your building without fail. And if during the course of time, the handrails lose their sturdiness or gets loosened for any reason, you should get it fixed immediately. Many have put themselves in dangerous situations by not using the handrails. The handrails are not only there for decorations, they are also there to be used, so make sure to use them to prevent any form of accident.

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