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10 Top Home Improvement Blog Every One Must Read in 2019

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The home is the place away from stress and a place of rest. Comfort is what comes to mind when we talk about home. It is, therefore, expected that the home is always improved upon to ensure maximum comfort and convenience one can afford.

Of course, you might not necessarily have so many luxuries in the home but that does not mean that the home cannot be improved on to achieve comfort and convenience.

And the beauty of home improvement is that there are a lot of DIY methods that one can employ, which will ultimately reduce cost. You do not need to break the bank to improve your kitchens cabinets and wardrobes and other sections in the home

To do that, you need information and to get information, you need the right idea of where to get it.

This is why this list is important, pointing you to the top 10 home improvement blogs you need to read.

#1: The Home Depot Blog: Home Depot blog is your go-to blog for everything you need concerning improving and decorating every area of your home; kitchen, living area, porch, bedroom, you name it. You learn how to use simple decorations to improve the home and you also learn DIY methods to install floors, walls and other minor constructions around the house.

#2: Mr. Handyman Blog: The name of the blog already gives you an idea of what it is about. It is a home and neighbourly friendly blog that gives you information and tips on how to accomplish all the minor repairs or constructions around the house that you would have needed a handyman for. You can become your own handyman by visiting this home improvement blog.

#3: Reddit Home Improvement Blog: Reddit is already a popular forum where people discuss a variety of topics and get feedback from others. There is a category for home improvement where the users can share ideas about simple home improvement methods they have tried. You can join in the conversation, ask questions and answer other people’s question. Its attraction is that you get to pick the brain of a large number of people and so, have a higher pool of inspiration.

#4: Young House Love: The brainchild of The Youngsters, Sherry and John, from Richmond, Virginia, the blog is a go-to place for home lovers. Sherry and John document all the details that went into transforming their home and other homes they have bought since they started blogging. If you want to get first-hand DIY information from a couple you can relate to, then this is the place for you.

#5: Vintage Revival: The author and blogger, Mandi believes your home should look like you and nobody else and she also believes decorating your house should not be expensive. If you share the same beliefs and values, then Vintage Revival is for you. She shares tips and information on decorating, turning second-hand items into new usable items and all other DIY home improvement methods you need to get your house looking like you.

#6: Centsational Style: Founded by Kate Riley, Centsational Style is a home improvement blog that is focused on transforming a home into something new. Lawyer turned renovator, decorator, interior designer and even globetrotter, Kate shares with her readers her inspiration, her ideas and all the DIY information they need to transform their empty space into something new and special.

#7: DIY Show Off: The blog was founded by Roeshel, who calls herself a DIY enthusiast. For many, a limited budget discourages them and makes them feel they wouldn’t be able to achieve much decoration in their home. But not Roeshel, a limited budget inspires her creativity. If you want to learn all the tips for decorating your home into your heart desire with a limited budget, DIY Show Off is the place for you.

#8: Home Source: Home Source provides you with tips tools, advice and inspiration to transform your home and outdoor spaces with a focus on preserving the environment.

#9: Home Decor Expert: Home Decor Expert, as the name implies, is the place to find expert ideas on home decor. Founded by Harris Saeed, the blog is the go-to place if you are looking for ideas, information and inspiration from other DIY home improvement enthusiasts like yourself because the site contains home decor ideas from more than 200 experts across the globe.

#10: DIY Doctor: Do you need a doctor but in this case, for your home? Then DIY Doctor is what you need. Not only do you find tips, ideas, information and inspirations on home improvement, the UK based home improvement doctors also provide “how to advice” if you need help getting your space to look as pleasant as you imagine.

Now that you have information on where to get ideas and inspiration to improve your kitchens and home, you should get started and make your home into the home of your dreams.

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