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Best Tips to Protect Your House from Burglars

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

best tips to protect your house from burlgars

Are you wondering are what are the best security tips to protect your home against burglars?

You are not alone.

Home security is becoming increasingly important. While decorating the home, it is essential to decorate it with security as well.

While the police can do their best to protect the lives and properties of citizens, we also have to adequately protect ourselves from home invasion.

There are different ways to secure the home and many lifestyle changes to incorporate in order to protect the home from burglars

Secure the Door: It is important to keep your doors completely secured by installing and fixing all precautions to keep away burglars. You can do this by installing security doors, metal doors or make sure your padlock is very secure. Try to also check your door from time to time to make sure the door frames and hinges are firm. You could also add a deadbolt, install a strike plate and upgrade to smart locks. You can check out our security door buying guide for 2019 in this post.

Install Secure Windows and Lock Them: Except in targeted cases, burglars are more likely to visit homes that are less secure than bothering about homes that are not. So to keep burglars away, when building a home, make sure you choose more secure windows even as you are thinking aesthetic. When you are renting as well, you can make sure the windows are secure. Apart from having secure windows, keep them locked as well, especially when you are not home.

Install Security System: Thankfully, there are different types of security systems today to fit different budget and desire. There are even certain home security systems that are DIY. So whatever kind you can afford, have a form of security system that would keep burglars away or at least, create an alarm that would scare them away even if there is an invasion.

Install Security Cameras: Security cameras are a good way to keep burglars away – especially if you make it visible. Burglars would naturally stay away from a home that carries security cameras. But if there is an invasion, the camera can help you quickly prevent further damage. It is important to have cameras that are connected to your devices, so you can follow the camera always.

Set Up Outdoor Lighting: It is a well-known fact that evil thrives in darkness. Burglars and petty thieves do not want to be seen. They would most likely go to a house that is dark than a house where lighted outside. Even if you sleep with the light off at night, make sure the outside is well-lighted. In case of any attempt, you, your neighbors or passers-by can see what is going on easily.

Get a Dog: A lot of people underrate the power of dogs to protect a home. But if you are getting a dog for protection, then you might want to invest in a breed that would ensure security. However, dogs, in general, are very loyal to their owners and thus, protective. Burglars do not like noise and even the smallest dog will bark if there is an invasion to either alert you or at least, your neighbors.

Do a Background Check on Domestic Workers: One of the increasing ways people get burgled is through domestic workers and contractors employed in their homes. We cannot possibly do away with contractors, even if we don’t employ domestic workers. These contractors usually have free access into the homes, enough to see all entry points. This is why it is necessary to make sure you do a thorough background check before employing anyone and giving them access to your house.

Carefully Post on Social Media: The advent of social media has drawn the world closer and given people a chance to show their lives to the world. However, while it has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Keep away from showing everything on social media. If the whole family is travelling and nobody is home, try not to give that information off on social media. You might be encouraging burglars. Also, don’t show the front of your house or tell the address publicly on social media. Keep a little privacy in spite of the public nature of social media.

Don’t Speak of Huge Amounts Publicly: Keep away from talking in public about large amounts of money you have at home. However, it is safer to keep your money in the banks but if you must keep at home, keep it in a safe and away from windows that would attract invasion.

Be Friendly to Your Neighbors: This is an additional point because your neighbors might be your saviors but the way you treat them would determine how interested they would be if they see something strange going on in your house.

Keeping the home safe is very important. Most home invasions are preventable, we just need to pay more attention to securing our homes, just as we pay attention t aesthetic.

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Jun 17

To protect your home from burglars, make sure your door and window locks are strong, set up security cameras, and add lights outside. A mobile locksmith can help improve your locks and suggest good security systems, keeping your home safe and giving you peace of mind.


Oct 27, 2021

If you want to protect your home from intruders, always choose professional locksmith experts because they install innovative locks, which are tough and durable.

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