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Security Doors - A Buying Guide for 2019

How do you choose the right security door to buy?

Security is getting more important every day, especially with the rate at which crime is increasing.

Burglary and invasion are getting worse and even as we have curative methods in the way of laws, we need to also take our preventive measures serious as well.

We have to protect ourselves from external attacks as much as we can and that’s the beauty of having security doors.

Nothing is really ever guaranteed, but with security doors, you are assured of at least sleeping with your two eyes closed because both you and your properties are safe and secure.

Like every other door, security doors are of various types and kinds. Major differences can be seen in the material used to manufacture it.

Basically, the materials that the doors are made of, determine their quality and prices. Security doors vary in kinds as well and it all depends on the taste of the buyer.

The type of security doors to be installed will depend on the type of edifice to be used on and their operations. Banks, financial institutions, technological houses, and arms/ammunition stores will normally have the strongest security doors around.

Security doors are in different designs and shapes. While there are some that have serious designs, others have very simple designs which do not affect the efficacy of the security.

Some security doors even come with additional frames while some others are designed with thin glass, mesh or other materials behind or in between the frame pieces.

High-class security doors come with other basic accessories like resistance fridges, extra locks and so on.

Types of Security doors:

1. Cast Iron security doors: This type of security doors has an aluminium frame like many other doors. it is made from a cast iron grille. It could be considered if you want to mix fashion with architectural design. However note, that cast iron security doors can be very heavy and you should consider supporting it with a frame.


2. Decorative security doors: These types of security doors are not rigid when you want to customize them. If your motive for adding a security door to your home or company is because of aesthetic concerns, then you might want to consider this type of security door.

Cost: $78.50-$99.28

3. Stainless steel security doors: This is a very expensive security door because it can offer you the best kind of protection available, This security door offers uses a three-point locking system, With its incredible high dose of stainless steel and heavy steel, this security door is almost impossible to break.

Cost: $200.00-$300.00

4. Small diamond security door: If you are constantly at the mercy of burglars at your apartment or shops, then this type of door is meant for you. It has very small holes and provides a very good layer of protection.

Cost: $50.00-$73.60

5. Standard diamond security doors: This is the most common type of security doors available to most homes. It has thick aluminium frames and grilles. It is built in a way, hands of intruders cannot sneak in.

Cost: $300.00-$450.00

Types of Security Doors Based on Country:

We also have various types’of security doors depending on the country which these doors are manufactured in, some of which are:

6. Watson Time – Chinese Security Steel Door: This is a top-class security door made by the Chinese. The technology in which this door is made is of top quality. Watson time Chinese security door is been distributed all over the world. It is very durable and the prices are affordable.

Cost: $115.00 -$135.00

7. Turkish Luxury Security Doors: Turkish luxury security doors are one of the best doors made in Ankara. These doors are manufactured by one of the top companies in Turkey for the benefit of interested parties. What makes this door attractive and intriguing is that the designs made on the frames are very attractive. If you need a security door that provides both finesse and durability, then it is best you do business with the Turkish.

Cost: $155.00-$325.00.

8. German Copper Security Door: German are known for their strength, and this can also be said of the German copper security door. Apart from it been a very rare door (very few people can produce doors from copper). This door can stand the test of time.

Cost: $95.00-$145.00

9. German Armored Security Door (Iron): This German door is made from iron and very strong. If you want a security door which can be relied upon, then go for this door. However, this security door has some lapses, due to been the door is made from iron, it is prone to frequent rust and wear. Also, this door does not come cheap, it is one of the most expensive doors around, but if you ask me, it is worth every penny.

Cost: $165.00-$260.00

10. Israeli-made Security Doors: Israel is known to make high-tech doors and equipment’s, therefore it shouldn’t be a thing of a surprise that Israeli-made security doors are tenaciously sought after all over the world. One of the best Israeli-made security doors is the (RavBariach) RB-DOORS. These doors are designed to be stylish and strong steel security doors and are incorporated with the latest technologies, security systems and designs for residential entrances.

11: RB-DOORS' security doors come in a variety of designs, finishes and colours. The new and contemporary MIX&MATCH steel door series, exclusive to RB-DOORS, boasts a wide selection of innovative finishes new to the door industry: Faux Fabric or Wood Finish, Shiny-Gloss Finish and more.

Cost: $250.00- $386.00

Important Features To Look Out for In A Security Doors

Security doors have some distinct features which separate it from normal doors, some of these features are:

1. Frame

Frames of security doors can either be steel or aluminium. Most experts believe that steel doors are the most reliable It is believed that if a door made of steel meets the appropriate standard, it will be protected against corrosion. However, if the frame is made up of aluminium, it won’t have issues with corrosion. Either way, it is safe to say, that steel frames are better than aluminium ones.

2. Infil

Infils of security doors can either be made of steel, structural grade aluminium perforated sheet or stainless steel mesh. The most secure are the steel bars and motifs. The aluminium grilles can also come handy; however, it is less secure than the steel ones. The relatively new one in the market is the structural grade aluminium perforated sheets. The look is very similar to its stainless counterpart, but it comes cheap, and experts are of the opinion that they do almost the same job.

3. Grilles

The grille is reverted firmly to the frame. One should also make sure that the cords of this grille should be durable and firm.

4. Locks

Security key locks must have six-pin cylinder or something close. A buyer should be wary of wafer locks because of issues of vulnerability. Also, a three-point lock should be considered because it can prohibit the top or bottom of the door to be destroyed by an uninvited guest.

5. Hinges

Security doors must have at least three hinge pins which cannot be removed. A dogs bolt can be welded into the hinge leaf to give it more security and durability.

In conclusion, while it is not out of place to consider aesthetics when picking a security door, at the end of the day, security door are not exactly for beauty but for decoration. So it is advisable to put security first into consideration when choosing the security door to go for.

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Oct 26, 2021

It would be more beneficial for me if you share the security locks guide also as it can save bucks from visit the locksmith store again and again for help.


Oct 14, 2021

Thanks for sharing this guide, it will help people to get the best security doors. Also, they can get security locks also by contacting a locksmith.


Oct 02, 2021

What type of locks has been recommended for Cash iron doors, is there any locksmith who can recommend me what type of door locks are needed for such doors?


Sep 29, 2021

You should search door locks online also as there are so many sites available online selling door locks as well as keys. You can rely on locksmith experts also to suggest or recommend the best door locks of the apartment.


Sep 22, 2021

Door locks come in variety of designs but in order to get the best door lock for your apartment, i recommend you all to contact a locksmith first before buying any door locks for the apartment.

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